Employment of Graduates

Where are the graduates working?

Graduates of department ISE are wide profile specialists. Objects of their specialization are in various fields of human activity – in the spheres of science, industry, medicine, transport, communication, defense, trade, environmental protection, finance, etc. Our graduates are able to solve a variety of problems: from automation of accounting to development of computer networks and decision-making systems. As system analysts, they deeply understand the essence of complex processes of interaction between different spheres of production, humanities and business, which gives them the advantages for successful competition at the labor market.

Our specialists work wherever software and various information (systems) technology are developed or operated. At first, they are developing (application programmer or programmer-analyst) or exploit (system administrator) software, and then develop system technology (system integrator and task manager of automated workplaces for database accounting). Subsequently, many of them hold senior positions in firms. The latter is significantly promoted by the expanded strategic system thinking and the second economic diploma.
Our graduates have no employment problems. Due to comprehensive knowledge in the fields of computer science, they are irreplaceable both in large companies and in small firms. Graduates work in state institutions, research institutes, banks, commercial structures, industrial enterprises, in particular, in the National Bank of Ukraine, PrivatBank, State Fiscal Service of Ukraine, Security Service of Ukraine, Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, UkrTelecom, in firms Reebok-Ukraine, Motorola Ltd, “NetCracker” Ltd., Terrasoft Ltd., “UNITY-BARS” Ltd., “Agromat” Ltd., Target Plus” Ltd., “Miranda” Ltd., “Samsung Electronics” Ltd., etc.

Many graduates of the department successfully work abroad, in particular in USA, England, Denmark, Mexico, Italy, Canada, Israel, Australia, Germany.

Projects in which the students of department ISE took part:

  1. Support system for national plan of documents inspections of State Fiscal Service of Ukraine.
    2. AIS system for compilation and management of the state budget.
    4. Automated passenger management system. Ukrzaliznytsia is the customer -.
    5. System of informational support of the KRU in the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine.
    6. Information technology system for the National Bank of Ukraine.


Employment of graduates

Spheres of activity of graduates

Graduates of the department ISE are specialists of a wide profile; the tasks that they solve are very diverse; the objects of their research are in various fields of human activity. They are training for scientific-research, designing, organizational and managerial activities in the fields of automation of various spheres of person’s intellectual activity, in particular, informatization of the operationing of organizations and institutions. At the same time, they can engage in scientific and technical, designing, production and technological activities in the fields of operating and exploitation of computer networks.
Graduates of our department have no problems with employment, because many senior students begin to work at the studying stage. Graduates of the faculty of Informatics and Computer Science of National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute” (along with Faculty of Computer Science and Cybernetics of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, which is the leading IT faculty of Ukraine) is highly appreciated at labor market.

The graduates of the department ISE work in world-famous companies, among them are
1. Microsoft
4. Terrasoft Ltd.
5. “NetCracker” Ltd.
8. Company “Miranda” Ltd.
9. Samsung Electronics Ukraine Company
Types of activity of specialty specialists:
Designing of computer systems
Systems analysis and management
System programming
Data Processing
Maintenance of computer systems
Working with databases
Mathematics for Computer Science
Development of applied software
Designing of computer networks